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Areas that are recruiting : babysitting

Publié le6 juin 2017 et mis à jour le24/08/2017

Hang up adverts in your local shops, talk to people around you and browse through the offers on specialized services.

Indispensable qualities: you must love children, have a good sense of responsibility, be available and punctual. First Aid and the BAFA (diploma for youth leaders and workers) are highly appreciated.

You must be declared. The gross hourly rate can’t be less than 9.76€ per hour (approximately 7.66€ net) + 10% paid holidays. Your salary does not take into account the number of children.

To know the terms and mode of payment

Baby-sitting training can be offered by the réseau IJ

Where to find job opportunities and where to submit your application :

For bilingual people :

Baby-sitting and the réseau IJ

View the offers made available by the IJ centres. You can find the addresses on:

In the region Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the network Information Jeunesse offers baby-sitting services and animation all year round: job offers, baby-sitting dating, forums, First Aid training… (see p.40)

Watch out for scams

Have you seen offers online from a private individual? Be careful!

  • Do not accept any cheques given to you in advance by the advertisers that often pretend to be parents but are actually thieves.

  • Never transfer money, do not send cheques or buy any objects intended for people pretending to be people advertising an offer.

  • Beware of offers that have particularly high salaries. Thieves often offer 16€/hour to attract a maximum of people.

  • Beware of offers that have spelling mistakes and grammatically incorrect sentences.