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Areas that are recruiting : tourism

Publié le6 juin 2017 et mis à jour le06/11/2017


To apply, contact the tourist offices directly preferably in the beginning of the year. If they are only open during the summer period, contact the town hall.  

To work in a tourism office or a tourist board, having tourism training is often required. Having a good level in one or more foreign languages is an additional asset. A tourist operator welcomes and provides information to tourists in order to facilitate the condition of their stay  or their journey, in a tourism office or a tourist board.

A good knowledge of the surrounding geographical zone is required.

Museums and castles offer positions in reception, at the till or in the changing rooms.

For students in history of art or people passionate about culture, you can contact tourism offices to be a tour guide. Foreign languages are once again required.


Festivals / Shows

It's difficult to find a job at a festivals as they often ask for volunteers. Nevertheless here are some suggestions: working at a ticket counter, sticking up posters or distributing flyers...

To find out more ask the festival organisers.


Fairs and exhibitions

Job agencies specialized in recruiting reception hosts and hostesses or sale leaders for events often call for young people.

Required qualities: to be well presented, to be punctual, foreign languages are appreciated. Tourism or sale students are preferred.


The directory of exhibitions:

Section Travailler dans l'événement

A few websites with offering jobs:


Unusual jobs

On a ferry or a cruise-ship: a host on a cruise, in charge of boarding control, tickets... Apply directly with the company. Example: that recruits from October for the following summer. Do you live near a river or a canal? Tourism companies also organise river walks during the summer. Send your application from March.

On a plane or a train: on-board staff along with flight attendants and stewards. Send your applications to companies one year in advance! Attendant or assistant to the traveller: to accompany children travelling alone. Transport companies usually subcontract private associations for this service: ;