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Good to know before moving to France

Publié le7 juin 2017 et mis à jour le31/10/2017

A few real-estate terms


  • Bailleur = Lessor

The landlord that offers the accommodation to be rented.


  • Bail = Lease

Rental agreement signed by both the landlord and the tenant for either unfurnished or furnished accommodation.


  • Charges = Expenses

Monthly expenses (water, electricity, gas)

Common areas expenses (green areas, lifts...)


  • Horaires ou frais = Fees

A fee asked for at the signing of the rental agreement if you go through an agency or a notary.  


  • Caution ou garant = Guarantor

The person who declares himself guarantor commits to pay the rent in your place if you are unable to pay.


  • Dépôt de garantie = Deposit

Payment required at the signing of the rental agreement (1 months rent for unfurnished accommodation)


  • DPE (Diagnostic de performance d'énérgie) = EDP (Energy Diagnostic of Performance)

Estimate of the Energy Performance

Traps to avoid:

  • Don't go for the first advert you see

  • Don't trust the photos, go and visit

  • Never send money to reserve accommodation

  • Don't rent a room that is smaller than 9m2 as you won't benefit from financial aid

  • Don't take accommodation you can't afford

Decipher an advert

F1 / F2… T1 / T2 … :

number of rooms (without counting the kitchen, the bathroom and toilet)

MB : furnished

GG : garage

NF : new

BE : good state

TBE : very good state

CC : expenses included

HC : expenses not included

Dig : keypad

Int : intercom

PK ou Park ou PKG : car park

CV : town centre

Et : upstairs

Asc : lift

Cuisine aménagée : furnishings and plugs

Cuisine équipée : with household appliances

SDB : bathroom (with bath)

Salle d’eau : bathroom (with shower)

HB : office hours


Insurance is compulsory!

If you do not subscribe to a comprehensive insurance policy, renewed every year, the landlord can terminate your rental agreement or get an insurance and send you the bill.

For your accommodation, be sure that you are all insured at the same insurer to avoid all conflict concerning responsibility between insurance in case of a problem.

Property tax

The property tax, must be paid during October, is for an entire year: if you move during a year, you will stay taxable at the address where you lived on the 1st of January. A broadcasting contribution is added to that (137 A en 2016) if you have a television.

Students, even ones with grants, aren't exempted, except those living in Crous university residences, or in a similar organisation, or in a furnished room in a private individual's house.

Rent and charges

You must pay your rent up until the end of the lease. During the lease, the rent can be reviewed once a year if it was expressly so agreed. On top of the rent, you will pay the rental charges:

  • the fees related to the accommodation and the common areas (water, lift, collective heating...)

  • the upkeep expenditures and the small household repairs of the common areas of the building.

  • The rental taxes (removal of the domestic waste...)

The payment is usually monthly.