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Salary in France

Publié le18 mai 2017 et mis à jour le17/06/2020


You will receive you salary each month accompanied by a pay slip on which is specified the position held, the pay period, the number of hours worked, the title of the collective agreement, the gross salary, the nature and the amount of the employers’ and employees’ contributions and all other additions or restraints, along with the net amount of your salary (sum that you will receive).

Keep hold of your pay slips for life as they will be useful in order to assert your rights.

Minimum wage

It will be at least the minimum wage, unless the collective agreement is more favourable.

The minimum wage is, as of the 1st of January 2020, 10,15€ gross per hour, respectively 1 539,42 € gross per month on the basis of a 35h week.

The amount of your net salary is calculated by subtracting employee contributions (between 20 and 25% of the gross salary).