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How to prepare your application

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Your CV presents your professional and personal path. It promotes your experience, your skills, your dynamism, your centre of interests and your hobbies.

Don't forget to mention you “commitments”: voluntary work, internships, language holidays, voluntary youth work camps, civic service, au pairing... Emphasise these if you have any experience.


  • Your CV must by typed and be a one page document

  • Be clear, precise and synthetic

  • Be careful about spelling mistakes!

  • A photo is optional. If one is required make sure it is suitable and of good quality.

  • You can use CV templates for inspiration but avoid all copy-paste.



CV, covering letters, interviews... All advice on getting a job, CV templates and letters can be found on

Section Stage et emploi


To find out more :

Section Préparer sa candidature

Job offers and online distribution, CV templates and examples of coverining letters, advice and how-tos at :

Free download of a support software for writting your CV.

Help hotlines for writting your CV in the structures of the Youth Information network.  

Addresses p.40 to 43 and on


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Cover letter or email

It is becoming more and more common for you to apply to a job through email, unless the company has asked for a cover letter. If that is the case, send a standard cover letter. If not, simply send a clear and fully detailed application email along with your CV.

Make sure that you have a simple email address composed of your name and surname. Why not set up an email account solely for job applications.

Before writing your email, take an interest in the company or in the association by looking at it's website or it's Facebook page. Show in a few lines that you know and like the company, the products and services it offers.

If you have already interned or have already worked, make sure you emphasize your experiences, your dedication and your sense of responsibility.

State your availabilities: a month, all summer, every weekend, during school holidays... Make sure it is clear and structured.


Whether you are writing a letter or an email, follow this advice:

    • Don't forget to give a subject to your email: application for a sales position



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