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Public transport in Poitiers

Publié le29 juin 2017 et mis à jour le23/10/2018


To take the bus in town (in Poitiers centre and in the outskirts) : Vitalis bus lines

Pass Jeune: Available for all people under the age of 27, a bus card at a reduced-rate to travel for an unlimited amount of time on all the Vitalis bus lines throughout Poitiers centre and it's outskirts.

Price: 199.90€ (annually), 27€ (per month)

For more information:  Rubric "Tarifs"

To take the bus in the department of the Vienne: lignes en Vienne

The network Lignes en Vienne that allows you to travel by bus in all the different towns an villages of the department twice a day. With Samedi en ville the timetable is adapted for you to be able to do your shopping in Poitiers centre and to correspond with all the shuttle connections. During the summer, visit the tourist websites of the Vienne as the shuttles during the summer only cost 3€ return

Youth fares Ligne en Vienne

Price: 20€ (monthly) or 200€ (annually)

For more information:

Trains :

Take the train through regions : the TER (Regional Express Transport)

To travel around the Nouvelle-Aquitainne, the TER trains connect  all the towns in the region

For more information on rates :

To take the national train network : the TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse)

The TGV is the fastest long distance transport that links up all the different towns of France.

Carte Jeune SNCF: Are you between 12 and 27 years of age and use the TGV as a regular way of transport?

Benefit from a 30% reduction (minimum) on all your TGV journeys and intercity.

Price: 50€ per year

For more information:

Carte TGV max: Addressed to all individuals between 16 and 27 years of age, the carte TGV max allows you to travel unlimitedly by TGV and intercity. Because of it's high cost, this subscription is aimed at people who use the TGV network on a very regular basis or who travel long distances (by car, or by carpool). Places are limited at  times with most traffic like Friday evenings.

Price: 79€/month. Careful, this subscription commits you to at least 3 months, 15€ handling charges for the termination of any contract.

For more information: